〜I've tried writing an article in English〜

Hi,I'm Gyai.

I will write an article in English as much as possible this time.(今回はできるだけ英語で記事を書きます)

Unfortunately, I found it an almost impossible task to finish the English grammar book by the end of this month.(残念ながら、今月中に英文法書を終わらせるのはほとんど達成不可能な課題だとわかった)

I have to continue studying the English grammar book until early October because it is thick more than I expected.(その英文法書は予期していた以上に厚みがあるので、10月下旬までその勉強を続けなくてはならない)

After I have finished it,I'm going to get down to studying TOEIC.(それを終えたら、TOEICの勉強に取り掛かるつもりだ)

I found out that it is still difficult for me to write an article in English.(英語で記事を書くのは俺にはまだ難しいとわかった)

It has become a good experience.(それは良い経験になった)

See you!

P.S.My lunch was so good!Do you envy me?